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Related post: Date: Thu, 14 Oct 2004 15:03:30 -0400 From: Subject: OUT OF THE RUBBLE - 30OUT 12yo preteen OF THE RUBBLE - 30Copyright 2004 by Carl MasonAll rights reserved. Other than downloading one copy for strictly personal enjoyment, no part of this story may be reproduced or transmitted in any form little preteen com or by any means electronic or mechanical, except for reviews, without the written permission of the author. Comments on the story are appreciated and may be addressed to the author at story contains descriptions of sexual contact between a young adult male and young male teenagers. Nevertheless, my nude preteen "Out of the Rubble" is neither a strictly "suck and fuck" exercise nor is it a story that focuses on the "love of adults for the young"...often without sex or with the mere suggestion of sex. If you are looking for these types of erotic fiction, there are fine examples of each on Nifty. Something slightly preteen cuties model different is required here.However based on real events and places, "Out of the Rubble" is strictly fictional. Any resemblance to actual events, or locales, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. Further, this is homoerotic fiction designed for the personal enjoyment of legal, hopefully mature, adults. If you are not of legal age to read such material, if those in power and/or those whom you trust treat it as illegal, or if it would create unresolvable moral dilemmas preteen model blog in your life, please leave. Finally, remember that maturity generally demands that anything other than safe sex is sheer insanity!Thank you, Ed C., for your devoted help on this section of the story! PART 30(Revisiting the End of Part 29)Exaltedly, [Papa Peters] threw his head back against the wall. Dear God, why had he feared it so? He'd preteen nylon models even had a hard-on as he witnessed the ferocious display of love between his sons euro preteen nudists - and no lightening bolt had melted him to the chair! Was there any less passion than had characterized his own love-making only a few years ago? Was there any less love? Was there a SCINTILLA nude twin preteen of evidence that there was any less of the "caring" requisite to a lasting relationship? No, no, God, NO! He shook his thick white hair in jubilation.And, slowly, he dropped his head to give thanks to his God in prayer.(Continuing Our Story: A "Difficult" Staff Meeting)It is the third week of January 1948 in Tieferwald am Main. Sam convened a House staff meeting just a few minutes ago and is speaking to a group that includes Ehrhardt, Rolf, and Kurt. Lunch concluded, Frau Luisa is preteen lo models also seated at the preteen girl swimwear table."You guys may preteen models hungarian not know that Otto, whom I suspended busty preteens nn through early next month, was fatally shot two weeks ago." (Only Kurt gave any indication that he had heard of the tragedy.) "I would have told you sooner, but there was porno preteen tgp a long delay in identifying the bodies of the three teens...Otto and the two boys whom he killed. I received the final word from the MPs only yesterday. Let's be silent for a moment and remember our brother, as well as his two victims." ls name preteen The staff members found it easier to focus nudist ls preteen their eyes on the table before them than to look directly at the Director. (See Parts 23/end, 24/early, and 26/middle.)"What's done is done," Sam continued. "Other than trying to learn from it, I find very little value in becoming so ensnared in the past that we are unable to concentrate on doing what we can to improve the present and, hopefully, the future. That's a hard rule to follow, gentlemen...and Frau Luisa...and I'm not always able to observe it in my own life, but it's necessary if we are to go forward. Ehrhardt, will you please lead a moment of silence...for all three supper this evening?" Ehrhardt swallowed and nodded that he would.Clearing his throat, the Director said, "Now to today. In September, I promised you that I would propose a new program for all boys who are accepted as residents at DAS HAUS, a program designed both to reduce aggression and to teach the residents more effective ways of handling aggressive impulses. I'm sorry that it has taken me so long, but it turned into a major research project. On the table, each of you will find a rather thick packet of information that details my proposal. Remember that it is based on the notion that aggression is LEARNED. It's learned from one's family, from other adults, and from other aggressive little preteen porno peers to whom the youngster is attracted. Over time, some learn it so well that it appears to be "natural" to the human animal. The truth is that it is more like an addiction for these youngsters. The program has three basic components...""Sir, if you cartoon preteen free will forgive me," Ehrhardt interrupted, "but I, for one, am unwilling to lose one more brother to this...addiction. We know the quality of your work...and we know your heart. I move that we accept the program as it is written and, within one month, begin to implement it."Baron Rolf immediately sought recognition from the Director. In response to his nod, he added: "From the looks of the stack of paper that sits in front of me, I think it's going to cost money. illegal pusies preteens I, too, will not lose one more of my brothers to this scourge. If the motion carries, I will cover the extra expenses."In a business-like manner, Sam commented that there was a motion before them and asked if there were any further comments. Hearing none, he accepted a motion to call the question. It passed by a unanimous vote. (Frau Luisa observed to polish preteen porn herself that this "democracy stuff" might have its points.) "Thank you, my friends," the Director said. "Thank you for your trust, thank you for your response to that which I agree is an emergency situation, and thank you for..." Momentarily overcome, he staggered, covered his face preteen none nude with his hands, and turned away from the table. 'God be with you, Otto,' he prayed silently, 'and with the other two boys as well.' Composing himself, he turned back to his staff and said, "It's difficult at this point to continue with our agenda, but, given the business at hand, we must. Kurt, the next item is yours."Noting that Aschermittwoch [Ash Wednesday] was on the eleventh, Kurt reported on the planning of his House Committee for Fasching [called "Karneval" or "Carnival" in many parts of Germany and throughout the world - the period immediately before the 40 days of Lent when "repressed animal spirits" could be expressed in merriment before being muted during the more somber, reflective season that precedes Easter]."Hi," the First Boy began. "The last dance held at DAS HAUS was so successful (See preteen bikini beach Part 16.) that the guys would like model erotic preteen to hold another. We also talked about a theme - and the best suggestion was that we hold a Fasching dance with the works...costumes, masks...and all that stuff," he added a bit lamely. Grinning directly preteen bodies cute at Ehrhardt he added, "Given school obligations, the only really open night would seem to preteen modle site be Saturday, 7 February. The word is that everybody - girls and guys - would be interested. Oh, I should add one more point. We know that 'Karneval' has a bad reputation, but we aren't interested in just getting swacked...sorry, drunk...and tearing the preteen pthc dorki place apart. And the old tensions between straights and gays just aren't there any more, at least in The House. We just want everyone to get the winter out of russian preteen 14 their systems and to have a good time."Kurt answered a few questions before he noticed Frau Luisa's hand. "I think that's a fine idea, Kurt," she responded on being recognized, "and I think I could provide nude preteen kiddy a Herringschmaus for refreshments." "Would someone please tell me what a 'Herringschmaus' is?" their young American director asked. "Oh," Kurt answered, "that's a Fasching event where all the food is based on herring. It's really good! nude preteen childs I guess it's supposed to get us Catholics in shape for the Lenten fast," he grinned. "No models preteen elweb meat for 40 days... preteen sex 15 Sheesh..." "Whoa! Don't the Protestant boys get meat?" Sam burst out, but was promptly shushed as being out of order! Even if the proposal was just a little underaged naked preteens late, what could the staff do but approve it - which they did... enthusiastically...with sucking preteen boy many a joke about their own experiences at Karneval.Returning to his room after closing the meeting, Sam encountered Andreas whose impatience told him clearly that he was waiting to tell him something. "Husband," Andy began, "you'll like what's coming. I wrote Dr. Parker at the Harvard Medical School, as he requested when we were in Boston. (See Part 20.) Following his directions, I applied for September admission to Harvard College. Today, I heard from Cambridge. Harvard not only admitted me, but they gave me a scholarship that covers tuition, fees, books, and meals when I'm on-campus! How's that for action!""Oh, man, that is such great news! Congratulations!" Sam exclaimed, delighted with both Andy's good news and with fact that russian mafia preteen one more problem was solved. He dearly loved his parents and knew how important their help would be, but he had no desire whatsoever to turn to them for every nickle (1 nickle = 5 cents or pennies; 100 cents = 1 U.S. dollar). As he saw it, it was important that Andy and he assume adult financial responsibilities as soon as possible. "I'm afraid that I don't have anything near as exciting to preteen gallary thumbnail tell you - but I've been told that I'll be discharged from the Army on returning to the States. Oh, I could tell you how much I love you, but you already know that!" "Every time you tell me that you love me," Andy murmured as he nibbled on Sam's left earlobe, "it makes me so horny that I can scarcely wait until we go to bed." Embracing, the two young lovers stood by the bed, whispering, laughing softly, touching, kissing - and, essentially driving themselves mad!(Karneval!)While not exactly part of the formal curriculum, "Die naerrische Saison" [The Crazy Season] began at lunch on Schmutziger Donnerstag [Dirty Thursday]. (In 1948, all forums models preteens boys from DAS HAUS attended a comprehensive secondary school. Today, American pressure having been removed, the Germans have returned to their preferred pattern of several levels of secondary schools.) Her lips suggesting that she wanted to kiss him, Heide slipped over to Kurt - and used a pair of sharp scissors to cut off the bottom third of his school studio preteen tie! The First Boy laughed - for you really had to watch out for women during Karneval! - and used the rest of his tie to wipe up the table. "Ganz naerrisch!" ["Way silly!" or, if you must, "Completely foolish!"] Heidi's girlfriends shrieked - and so the festivities began.As one might guess, the girls had been busy since New Years planning and executing elaborate costumes. (As they had for the last House dance, Heidi and her circle arranged the guest list of 12 girls who were at least "open minded" - and helped with costumes when necessary. Believe that it was the hottest ticket in town!) The boys, for their part, would only discuss the costume of the Prince of Karneval (referred to as "His Crazy Holiness"). Indeed, their costumes remained secret up until the time that people arrived for the dance! All that was publicly agreed was that everyone would wear a half-mask and that all 14 preteen art sex boys would be slaves to the girls for the entire evening.In fact, the boys agreed unanimously that their costumes would consist of very short black Lederhosen - and, other than half-masks, nothing else! Naturally, Sam and Ehrhardt were exempted from this requirement. After speaking with Rolf by phone and being promised his support (support that included both costs and sending a tailor to take measurements!), Andy bowed three times towards Frankfurt and moved on. Needless to say, when Frau Luisa heard of the plan - and little in DAS HAUS escaped her - the staid Bavarian matron immediately went to Sam and asked him what kind of a "bacchanalian tiny preteen galleries revelry" was planned. Sam thanked her for her watchfulness, but calmly asked who could possibly complain about boys dressed preteen torrents "in dem nationalen bayerischen Kostuem" [in the national Bavarian costume]. petite preteensex "After all," he said, "the girls will be dressed in elaborate costumes, the boys have promised preteensex galleries not to let their Karneval get out of hand and, by agreement, the amount of beer available will be limited in comparison with a mountain of soft drinks." Frau Luisa sniffed, thinking about SOME of the boys who would be dancing with each other, but she said nothing. If this was what the Herr Direktor wanted...Saturday night finally arrived! Several large Karneval figures had been cut out in the shop, painted very skillfully, and set up along the walls of the living room. At one end of the room, two thrones (actually cloth-covered dining room armchairs) had been placed on a small raised stage for the Prince and Princess of Karneval. The dining room table held an assortment of snacks preteen heaven models dear to the hearts of every adolescent. Brilliant color was everywhere; the volume at which the fast music was being played was already making Sam's teeth ache and his eyelids tremble! The boys milled around, grinning and sexe preteen girls chattering nervously, and obviously looking forward to shocking the girls. Actually, they looked great. More than a year of dedicated work in the Exercise Club had done its part. Even the tall Horst was impressive, for, while still thin, his body had taken on striking definition. Several of the young men were simply outstanding physical specimens, for anal preteen virgin example, the tall, muscular First Boy whom EVERYONE liked; the beautifully toned and defined Andreas whose smooth golden body still glowed from within as if carved from the finest marble; the dark-haired, well-muscled Franz who was increasingly liked and respected within The House; Heinrich of the gorgeous arms and thighs - not to preteen cheerleader nn ignore his pelvic girdle (and bulge) preteen movie clips that not even the Lederhosen could completely conceal; and the smooth Georg whose spectacular good looks excited all - male or female. Even Bruno was well accepted by his peers this evening - after Sam had doused him with over a can of deodorant from the PX! As Andreas, Georg and, to a great extent, Kurt and Heinrich's bodies were smooth, Bruno still provided the startling contrast.The girls, masked and in elaborate costumes, arrived in a group and were welcomed warmly preteens sexy picture at the door. They entered calmly, impassively looked the boys up and down...several times...and silently retired to their two bathrooms to...powder their noses. The boys looked at each other with fury in their eyes! The girls had discovered their plan! The feminine curse alt preteen pictures of Karneval had struck again! Clearly, there was a traitor in their midst - and he would pay...oh, he would pay. The boys had barely recovered from their initial shock when the first girls emerged from the powder rooms. Immediately, they fell into monica model preteen a double slave line, pressing their foreheads to the floor. Silently, the girls walked between them. Occasionally, a young lady would stop to put her foot on a slave's neck or, perchance, to press a small foot against a hefty upper arm. As soon as the last costumed girl had passed, Kurt spotted his Heidi, immediately went over to her, asked if she would like to dance, and led her out onto the dance floor. Given the mask and costume, Franz wasn't quite as sure, but he took a chance on a likely looking young teenie preteen tpg lady with a little extra padding over her mid section. (Thank God he was right, for he would never have heard the end of it had he chosen incorrectly!) Heinrich took a direct path to Georg and requested the first dance. The fact that there was neither a muttered comment nor even a raised eyebrow said a great deal about how far DAS HAUS had come in recent months. With a smile that just about split his handsome face, the lad took Heinrich's proffered hand and simply melted into his partner as they moved beautifully as one. Unfortunately, Andy's evening went downhill from that preteen rusian girls point on. Sam hadn't dressed in Lederhosen and now Heinrich, whom he really liked, was in a relationship. He did dance...with boys and with girls...but his heart was never quite in it. (Frau Luisa, looking on from the kitchen archway, sniffed, though she had to admit that they were doing nothing immoral...or even "nasty.") Actually, they weren't. There preteens nude vids were no hands on the buttocks or sly genital-to-genital grinds. In truth, they were probably dancing slightly further apart than the straight least during the first dance. The preteen naked paysites only real surprise was provided by two girls who decided to dance together! Ah, Karneval!Within minutes, everyone was dancing and, seemingly, having a good time. At the end of the first dance, Kurt strode to the stage black preteen site and introduced the Prince and Princess who had been chosen by secret ballot. To cheers and applause, Hans and a very lovely young lady from a village outside Tieferwald were led to their thrones and installed with scepter and crown. (Actually, nearly every boy in the room somewhat envied Hans' full costume - preteen alt sex even though Hans had decidedly mixed feelings. All things considered, however, it was probably ru preteen mpg best that the lad from Siebenbuergen was clothed in voluminous layers of fabric, for the sight of several nearly preteens russians nude boys dancing together over the course of the evening had a marked effect on his blood pressure...and other things!) And so it went. A number of boys danced with boys, though not exclusively; two girls danced with girls, at least once; and everyone magic preteen titties felt happy to be part of a unique experience. It wasn't as if people didn't care. What fed the happiness was the feeling of affectionate support that flowed between everyone that night...that glorious night.If you guessed that the Herringschmaus was a grand success, you were entirely correct! Beer was readily available, though there were far more soft drinks. Frau Luisa absolutely outdid herself. Herring were presented in every way conceivable - marinated tidbits on small pieces of toast, in salads, in various sauces (e.g., horseradish, sour cream, dill, curry, and mustard), and more. There was even one hot dish, Fried Salt Herring, Pomeranian style! Even those lads who were more used to river fish than something from the ocean found the spread delightful. preteen sexvideos The only person who surprisingly had a slight problem was Sam. Only when Andy assured him that the herring HAD to have been netted north of Block Island Sound ( old coastal New England joke!) did he relent and live preteen models try a few of the many dishes. From then on, he was one of the most active consumers, even suggesting that the custom of a Herringschmaus should be introduced to the non German-Americans of Boston!After Sam had begun to feel a little piggish and backed off from the table, he leaned for a moment against one of the arch pillars. Suddenly, he sensed another person nearby. In a hoarse whisper reminiscent of something out of an Edgar G. Robinson preteen nymphets toplists movie, the person said, "I'm feeling naked boy preteen guilty, boss." preteen young nudists "Don't," responded Sam out of the side of his mouth as if speaking during a prison lineup, "If those girls hadn't gotten the word beforehand - if their parents hadn't had opportunity to tell their daughter she couldn't come - we could have been in deep trouble. Had to be...just had to be." "Don't worry," the whisper continued, "Everybody's cool. They want the next dance too much to screw up...too much.)The last third of the dance was a bit more relaxed that the first part. There were a models preteen photography few more slow dances. A few costume parts were club preteen sex laid aside to allow face and hair to dry - and the former wearer to breathe. Kids - straight and gay - danced a little closer together. There was even a little groping, but the gangster-type was generally correct. No one was willing to screw up...too much. When the last dance was announced, Sam came over to Andy and asked, "Lover, do you mind my costume too much to dance with me?" Andy just snorted and hugged him tightly to his body. Before the dance was over, however, he only wished that he had worn his most restrictive jockstrap rather than nothing more than a VERY short pair of leather pants! With all the little mishaps added together, the dance was still a glorious success - as Kurt and Ehrhardt were repeatedly assured by departing guests. (Nor was a negative galleries preteen sexe word horny preteen movies about the dance ever reported to Sam. He was told only that many kids at school were hopelessly envious and would kill to get on the next guest list!) The boys of DAS HAUS felt much the same way, though as soon as they had completed service in the departing slave line, they had to quickly do something about widespread and serious cases of blue balls!(The First Boy)After the boys had completed their clean-up duties, they slowly filtered upstairs. Andy sat rather disconsolately on the edge of his bed, for Sam had received an emergency relief call and had returned to the Base. "Two or three hours," he had said... Sheesh! Suddenly, Heinrich, Georg, Horst, and Jaeger wandered in. Lounging on bed and chair, bbs model preteens the boys compared notes on the dance. (There was common agreement that there ought to be more "Crazy Seasons!") Finally, Jaeger climbed down off the bed, tugged off his shorts, and pulled Horst up from the chair. "Common, lover, let's dance a little," he growled. His Lederhosen quickly shed, Horst offered no argument. Heinrich and Georg were quick to follow. european preteen naturists Enviously...and somewhat sadly... Andy watched from the bed as chests touched chests, lips locked clean preteen pussy in forum preteen nude preteen porn forums passionate kisses, and hands roamed everywhere. 'Damn it,' he thought a bit childishly. 'It's not bad enough that I had to put up with this crap most denmark preteen model of the evening, but this is MY room!' As Heinrich gasped in response to Georg's hard prong thrusting underage preteen nude rhythmically between his thighs just below his nutsack, Andy was just about to explode angrily. A light knock on the door saved an unpleasant scene.A Lederhosen-clad First Boy slipped quietly into the room. Looking around, he quickly sized up the situation, picked his way through the undulating naked bodies, and stood in front of Andreas. It's hard to explain what happened next. Perhaps, the evening had just made him horny beyond control; preteen asian sex maybe, feelings he had always had towards Andy surfaced; less likely, he was just gay-curious. In any case, he slowly removed his shorts and reached his hand out to the boy who lay sprawled on the bed. In great confusion, Andy grasped the hand and allowed himself to be pulled upright. Kurt rolled the black leather down Andy's body and ran his fingers along his friend's massive erection before it slapped back against his taut stomach and pulsed savagely. Drawing Andy's head down onto his chest, he danced the boy out into the crowded room. Slowly, he felt him relax and begin to melt against his body. Passionately, their tongues explored teeth and mouths as their fingers clawed at muscles from their necks on down. Slick with precum, their red, grossly distended cocks pulsed against one another. Completely mesmerized, moving as if in a thick fog, the two boys felt hands and fingers touching them from every direction. Faces, earlobes, necks, shoulders, biceps, butts... Oh, God! One hand even reached between the two boys and sensually explored the inside of Andy's smooth thighs until tropical preteen model it reached his long scrotum. There it began rhythmically, but very gently, preteen whipping pics to squeeze his balls. Andy was never sure how it happened. The only fragmentary mental images he ever had of that experience were of lying in a heap of sweat-covered guys on the floor...kissing and being kissed, touching and being touched, licking and being licked and, in time, thrusting and being thrust into.When he regained consciousness, Andy sensed that all the boys, save one, were gone. He still lay in Kurt's arms, warm, protected, loved. "I preteen casting sex wish I could say I'm sorry, but I'm not," a strong voice murmured in model preteensnaked rusian his ear. "I just had to know, Andy." "What did you have to know, Kurt-boy?" Andy replied. "I had to know about you, and I had to know about me...and Heidi," the First Boy replied. "Tell me what you learned," Andy whispered as he began to toy with one of his friend's nipples. Changing his position slightly so as to open his chest ever further to Andy, Kurt said, "Well, I found that I sure as hell preteen cute tgp feel more strongly about you than I ever expected to feel about a guy, even a good friend or someone I model preteen naked respect more than anyone else in The House." Now lying on their sides almost facing each other, Andy ran his hand over Kurt's hip and down over the bulge of his thigh to the bottom of his scrotum. As Kurt slightly lifted his upper leg, freeing his genitals, Andy eased them forward and inserted a hand under the youngster's hefty balls. "Oh, Andy, y-e-s-s-s," the blond breathed. "P-l-e-a-s-e..." Andy pushed the horny youngster onto his back and lay simply preteen tits nudist gazing at him for a moment. Beautiful... nonude preteen models Kurt's neck was thrust back, every long tendon taut. His wet preteen nymphet thick, smooth torso was alive with energy, his pecs rising and falling spasmodically, his nipples hard and demanding, his abs twitching, the veins in his lower stomach distended. Above the hand that cupped preteen nonnude modles his balls, his substantial cock rose...swollen, dark red...pulsing and emitting waves of thick precum. Andy could wait no longer. Lowering his head, preteen lilita sites his tongue swirled around the large mushroom-shaped corona, gathering precum sweeter than preteen nn pictures he had ever experienced, even cutest preteen cheerleader with Sam. Attacking directly, he then deep-throated Kurt on his first try, began swallowing continuously, vigorously using his muscles to manipulate the log preteen art galerie that stretched down his throat. It was the work of a new Master. Gripping the back of his friend's neck, Kurt could take that for but the shortest time before he exploded with a long drawn-out cry.Thrusting a soda into Kurt's hand several minutes later, Andy asked, "And what else did you learn, Kurt-boy?" "I guess I learned that I love you, Andy," the boy replied timorously. "Why do I hear fear and questions in your voice," Andy asked, honestly not free preteen nonnudes know exactly what top preteen escorts kind of answer he would receive. "The problem, Andy, is that I really DO love you - even though I love Heidi tasteful preteen photos so and find straight sex even more exciting. I know...I know, friend, that's hard to believe after this evening, but it's true. And now, thanks to you, I know enough to judge." "Could you be bi-?" Andy asked. "No, I don't think so," Kurt replied. preteen lola free "I sure as hell can function physically in your world...if I'm hot and horny enough...but it's not the answer for me on any long-term basis. What I don't quite understand, Andy is how I can so deeply love both you and Heidi.""Do you love candy, friend," Andy asked, seeming to go off on a wild tangent. "Sure, you know I do!" "And do you love being a leader? Would you lightly give up being First Boy?" "Hell no! It makes my life! I'd be so lost if I didn't have opportunities to really help people! I've even been thinking about studying to become a therapist...or something like that." "Maybe, then, there's a difference between 'loving x' and 'being in love with x,' Andy continued." "What are you kdz preteen model taking about, friend?" Kurt muttered."Look at it this way, Kurt-boy," Andy continued - just a little sadly and (because an exclusory line had been drawn) with just a trace of hurt. "I can't use Heidi as an example know...girls aren't a necessary part of 'my world'. So let me use Sam instead. I love many things...camping, sports, sex, good food, the coast of Maine, the idea of being a physician, YOU...the list is long. The point is, I don't dwell on any one of them all the time. I wouldn't die for all of them. (Relax, I WOULD for you, brother!) Sam, by contrast, simply exists in another dimension. His happiness is on my mind ALL the time. Sex with him is sex multiplied by 100 with anyone else...even given what happened tonight. Even though I'm only 18, I've decided that I want to be with him as long as I live." Andy held up his ring finger. "I don't know how I could exist if he suddenly disappeared. In fact, I don't know whether I'd want to - and I knew this from the first moment my eyes cleared enough to focus on him! In short, I not only preteen orgasm nude 'love' Sam, but I'm deeply 'in love with him'. redhead preteen creampie Does any of this make any sense, Kurt-boy?""Yeah, Andy, it sure does! That's the way I feel about Heidi. Thanks for helping me to see that my feelings for you don't make me crazy or a damned hypocrite." As he reached out to caress Andy's face, he added, "I do have them, you know." "Yeah, Kurt, I know. We'll always be more than brothers."As he rose to depart, Kurt cleared his throat. "One more thing, Andy. There are plenty of chances for likes to do things with likes, and that's fine. What's wrong with the football guys having a beer together or the goof-offs sponsoring an "Entertainment Night"? After major preteen fuck photos house events, however, it seems to me that we should emphasize being together more than breaking off into separate little 'parties'. We simply can't let DAS HAUS become divided again along hard hairless preteen gay-straight lines!" "I couldn't agree with you more, friend," Andy exclaimed. "Believe that you preteen free gallerie can count on my full support in the future." Both friends jostled each other and pounded a shoulder affectionately as Kurt left the preteens boobs pics room. (To Be Continued)
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